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Vigorous Title IX Defense for College Students

Your college years are supposed to be special. You learn amazing new ideas, make life long friends, grow as a person, and prepare for your dream career. Never can you imagine that everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve can be taken away from you in an instant – all based on a false accusation.

When you’ve been accused of misconduct, sexual or otherwise, you need the premier California Title IX defense attorney, Chris Bou Saeed, on your side. Chris has a proven track record of litigating Title IX investigations and producing outcomes that save client’s lives. False accusations – along with potential criminal charges – can completely derail your future and damage your reputation. Now is the time to fight back, protect your good name, and defend yourself to the fullest extent of the law.

What Is Title IX?

Title IX came about through the Education Amendment Act of 1972. It’s a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on a student’s gender. While it was meant to give victims of sexual assault the ability to sue their school for misconduct, unfortunately it has morphed over the years and become a weapon used by school officials against students.

Generally, when a student accuses another of sexual harassment or assault, the school initiates an internal Title IX investigation that assumes the accuser is telling the truth and the accused is guilty. In other words, instead of an objective investigation, it’s an investigation with an objective.

Worse yet, the consequences of Title IX violations are extremely serious. Potential sanctions for Title IX violations include:

  • Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • Probation
  • Loss of financial aid, and/or
  • Loss of academic or athletic scholarships

When a Title IX investigation has begun, it is critical for accused students to retain a California Title IX defense attorney immediately. Timely and effective investigation, litigation, communication, and mitigation often make the difference between findings of guilt and innocence. Your future is not a risk worth taking. Call now and together we’ll get your life back.

“Chris understands his clients come to him with feelings of fear and uncertainty regarding their legal matters. Chris’ approach to representation emphasizes empathy, compassion, communication, and consensus. With Chris, you are always in the driver’s seat – he’ll just help you get there.” – K.M. – Los Angeles

What Does a California Title IX Defense Attorney Do?

The first thing a California Title IX defense attorney like Chris Bou Saeed will do is sit down with you and learn everything possible about the accusation. He will want to know details surrounding the accuser, your relationship to them, their reputation, the social dynamics at play, what evidence exists and what evidence needs to be unearthed. Next, he’ll go over with you your rights, the Title IX investigation process, the litigation strategy, and how to handle the investigation as it unfolds. Then he’ll get to work defending you and clearing your name.

Chris has years of experience defending students against Title IX investigations in both public and private universities. Through shrewd investigation, aggressive litigation, persuasive argument, and reasonable discourse, he’s discredited false accusations and disarmed school officials. Don’t let momentum for a Title IX investigation build, the sooner these are fought, the better.

Typical Title IX Accusations

Title IX accusations can include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape and/or
  • Sexual coercion

All of these accusations are serious and can be coupled with criminal charges. The advantage of retaining Chris Bou Saeed is that he is also an experienced criminal defense and civil rights attorney. So not only will Chris evaluate and fight the Title IX investigation, he will also make sure that you are in the best position to avoid any criminal charges as well.

What About Academic Misconduct?

Keep in mind that while Title IX applies to allegations related to sexual misconduct, schools also have disciplinary processes for academic misconduct such as:

  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating
  • Falsifying citations and/or
  • Misusing artificial intelligence

The same skills and experience equally apply to charges of academic misconduct. Immediate investigation and litigation is necessary to vindicate students’ rights and secure outcomes that are just and fair. If you find yourself accused of academic misconduct, call Chris Bou Saeed now. Simply put, your future is not a risk worth taking.

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