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There are few allegations more sensitive than a sex crime accusation. For a proper legal defense, the utmost delicacy is required because these accusations alone can be enough to get you convicted.  At CBS Law, we’ve successfully defended numerous sex cases involving salacious allegations and sympathetic alleged victims. Our experience has taught us how to manage these cases with the deftness and tact needed in an era of greater awareness and indignation. And with a 93% trial success rate, we have the track record to back it up. Call now and together we’ll get your life back.

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If you are accused of a sex crime, your life is immediately, and often irreparably, turned upside down. This is something that often occurs before all the facts have been explored, and certainly before you have had the opportunity to defend against the allegations you are facing. Unfortunately, unlike most criminal charges, when people hear about the alleged commission of a sex crime, they tend to assume the person is guilty. There are a number of reasons for this. They tend to involve the stigma associated with sex crimes, which often leads people – even friends and neighbors – to pre-judge your conduct without the benefit of the facts.

At CBS Law, we recognize the pressure these types of charges can place on you and your family. And we have the experience and the expertise to formulate a defense that will provide you with the best chance of having the charges against you dismissed or reduced. If you have been charged with a sex crime, call us for a free consultation.

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Commonly Charged Sex Crimes

In the minds of many people, perhaps most people, when the words “sex crime” is mentioned, they automatically think of forcible rape. While rape obviously is a major sex crime, there are a host of offenses under that category. Here are just some of the sex crimes covered under the California Penal Code, with a brief description of each:

  • Prostitution. Soliciting, agreeing to engage in, or engaging in prostitution in exchange for money or anything of value, or accepting an offer to engage in prostitution, is a misdemeanor under California law. PC 647. Note that if a minor is involved, different classifications and penalties apply.
  • Child Molestation. There are various laws dealing with child molestation. They include lewd acts with a minor under the age of 16; oral copulation with a minor (under the age of 18); sending obscene material to a minor; communicating with a minor with the intent to commit any one of a number lewd/sexual acts; continuous sexual abuse of a child; and a variety of other offenses.
  • Rape. As noted above, forcible rape is probably the most commonly known sex crime. Under PC 261(a)(2), rape is generally defined as sexual intercourse against the will of another, using force, threats or duress. There are other variations of the offense, including intercourse while a person is unconscious or unaware of the act, among others.
  • Statutory Rape. PC 261.5 defines unlawful sexual intercourse. It consists of sexual intercourse with a minor, or statutory rape. Generally, it involves an adult (18 or older) having intercourse with a minor (under the age of 18). The law does not apply to married couples. In addition, the classification and the potential punishment can be affected not only by the age of the minor, but also by the relative ages of the adult and the minor.
  • Child Pornography. Knowing possession of child pornography, which includes, among other things, the depiction of minors engaged in or simulating sexual conduct, is generally a felony. The California Penal Code defines numerous examples, including photos, digital copies, and live exhibitions, of what we commonly refer to as child pornography.
  • Revenge Porn. Distributing nude or sexual images of another person knowing that the distribution will cause the other person “serious emotional distress,” and which causes such distress, is a misdemeanor.
  • Indecent Exposure. Exposing one’s private parts in public (or in a place where others would be offended) is generally a misdemeanor. However, if the act takes place without consent in an inhabited dwelling or other building, it is a wobbler, and may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. In addition, a second or subsequent conviction for indecent exposure is a felony.
  • Lewdness. “Lewdness” includes a variety of acts, centering on public conduct of a sexual nature. It is ordinarily a disorderly persons offense (a misdemeanor),
  • Pimping and Pandering. Both these offenses relate to prostitution. Pimping is knowingly deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution. Pandering is the procuring a person for purposes of prostitution. Both offenses are felonies.
  • Sex Offender Registration. Megan’s Law, officially known as the Sex Offender Registration Act (PC 290), applies to dozens of crimes in California. Those crimes include rape, child molestation, and many others. The law sets up “tiers” for registration. Those tiers, depending upon the offense you have been convicted of, determine whether you need to register for 10 years, 20 years, or for life. The law imposes duties on those subject to it, including registering and keeping your local law enforcement agency informed on where you live and work/attend school. Registration also means that your conviction will be accessible to the public. Failure to register as required can lead to severe penalties.

Defending Sex Crimes

While being charged with a sex crime carries perhaps the greatest stigma, that does not mean that you have no defenses. First, as in all criminal cases, you are innocent until each and every element of the offenses is proven to be true beyond a reasonable doubt.

In addition to the general principles of criminal liability, there are other defenses that tend to become relevant when the alleged offense is a sex crime. One area of defense is that the state must establish the necessary mental state (intent) for the commission of the offense. In some cases, the legality of a search (and the evidence seized) can be challenged. And, particularly in these types of cases, an arrest is often the result of a police “sting” operation. In some cases, where the police exert undue pressure on a person then charge that person with a sex crime, entrapment may apply. These are just a few of the potential defenses that may be relevant in your case.

Sex Crimes Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

At CBS Law, we understand the pressure you are under when charged with a sex crime. While we cannot change the fact that the charge exists, we can offer you the assurance that you case will be handled by an experienced and dedicated Los Angeles criminal lawyer who will fight for your rights and offer you the best chance for a successful result. Call CBS Law at (213)800-8005 for a free consultation.

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