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“Pimping” and “pandering” are words that we hear in films or on TV, and in some cases read about in the newspaper or online. And while most people understand that they have something to do with prostitution, most would be hard-pressed to provide an accurate definition of those terms.

What are “Pimping” and “Pandering”?

Pimping and pandering are defined in the California Penal Code, specifically PC 266h and PC 266i. The statutes provide the following definitions as follows:

  • Pimping. A “pimp” is a person who, with knowledge that another person is a prostitute, obtains support from the prostitute’s earnings from prostitution; or a person who solicits customers for the prostitute.
  • Pandering. The act of pandering consists of procuring another person for purposes of prostitution; “encouraging” another person to become a prostitute, through threats, violence or any other scheme; finding a “house” for another person to practice prostitution; through fraud or duress, procuring a person for purposes of prostitution; or accepting anything of value in order to procure (or to attempt to do so) a person for purposes of prostitution, or to enter the state in order to do so. Pandering is also known as “promoting prostitution.”

As a general matter, both pimping and pandering involve assisting in prostitution, either through the payment of money (or anything of value) or by “persuasion,” including threats.

How are Pimping and Pandering Classified in California?

Since prostitution itself is generally a misdemeanor, you might expect that related crimes such as pimping and pandering would also be considered minor offenses. However, that understanding would be incorrect. In fact, both are felonies. And both offenses are punishable, without more, by three, four, or six years in prison. Depending upon certain additional factors, for example, the involvement of a minor, the penalties can increase and add years to a possible prison sentence.

Sex Offender Registration

Under PC 290, anyone convicted of pimping or pandering is required to register as a sex offender in California.

Defenses to Pimping and Pandering Charges

If you have been charged with pimping or pandering, you are facing serious consequences if you are convicted. Specifically, you could be sentenced to years in prison, have a felony conviction on your record, as well as mandatory registration as a sex offender. Given the magnitude of these penalties, it is essential that any and all possible defenses to the charges be explored and developed. The following is a list of some of the defenses that may be available in your case:

  • Lack of Knowledge. What you knew and did not know is an essential element in these prosecutions. If you can demonstrate that you were unaware that illegal activities relating to prostitution were involved, you may have a valid defense to a pimping or pandering charge.
  • Misidentification. In many prostitution and prostitution-related cases, the defendants were arrested after a raid in which many people were “rounded up” and charged with prostitution-related crimes. There is a distinct possibility that an innocent person may be included in the group charged.
  • Entrapment. Police “stings” are common in cases involving prostitution. If we can show that the police effectively lured you into committing the crime, entrapment may provide a defense to the charge(s).

While California law takes a hard stance in cases involving alleged pimping and pandering, that does not mean that a vigorous defense will not be successful.

Los Angeles Pimping and Pandering Defense Attorney

If you are facing a pimping or pandering charge, the stakes are high. That is why you need the best possible attorney handling your defense. These cases require a vigorous defense and an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record of success. Contact Chris Bou Saeed at CBS Law for a free consultation and find out what our firm can do for you. Call CBS Law at (213) 800-8005.


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