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Are you dealing with a probation violation in California? Contact a California probation violation attorney who will defend you.

If you were put on probation for a crime you allegedly committed, you could have unknowingly or knowingly violated it. Probation violation charges can result in jail time or other penalties that could have a long-term, devastating effect on your life. By learning more about probation violation, you can be empowered to find a California probation violation attorney who will fight for you.

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What Is Probation?

Probation is a court-sanctioned penalty that someone can be sentenced to instead of time in jail or prison, or following time behind bars. A person can stay in their community and be put under the supervision of a probation officer, who will ensure that they are upholding the rules of their probation.

Some of the common guidelines of probation include performing community service, undergoing random drug testing, paying restitution to victims, not being able to purchase or possess weapons, and regularly reporting to a probation officer. Your travel could be restricted; for instance, you may not be able to leave the state of California, depending on your probation. Probation can last three to five years depending on the charges you’re dealing with.

What Does a Probation Officer Do?

Along with ensuring you’re following probation, a probation officer may administer drug and/or alcohol tests to you, oversee your rehabilitation, visit you at your home, give you access to services you need, assess you for risks, and prepare reports and recommendations for the court.

How a Probation Violation Happens

There are different ways you could violate your probation. You might not show up for meetings with your probation officer, for instance. You may also fail to show up at scheduled court hearings, get arrested for another crime, travel out of the state of California without permission, or fail a drug and/or alcohol test. You might fail to pay restitution to your victims or possess or sell illegal drugs as well.

If you are caught violating your probation, you will need to go to a probation hearing. At this hearing, the court will decide whether or not you’ll remain in custody and if your probation is going to be revoked. If it is revoked, then the court will determine if you will go back on probation, but with harsher guidelines, or if you will need to go to jail or prison for a certain amount of time.

At your hearing, you have the same rights as someone who is defending themselves at a criminal trial. This includes having a California probation violation attorney represent you, calling witnesses to the stand, testifying on your own behalf, and presenting any information that led to you violating your probation.

Penalties for Violating Probation

If you violate your probation, then you could face severe consequences.

For instance, the judge might revoke your probation and order you to serve out your original sentence, which could include time in jail or prison, the requirement to pay large fines, or both. The judge could also sentence you to the maximum punishment allowable by the law, which could be a much worse scenario for you.

Other consequences include order you to go for counseling, such as substance abuse or anger management counseling, extending your probation, or adding new terms to your probation.

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Why Hire a California Probation Violation Attorney?

It’s critical to seek out representation if you are facing probation violation charges in California. Without someone on your side, you could be subject to severe penalties like having your probation revoked or extended, and this could affect you for many years to come. If you have to serve time behind bars, you’ll lose years on your life and will have to start from scratch when you’re finally out of jail or prison. If you have to stay on probation longer, then you won’t be able to travel freely or partake in all the activities you used to enjoy. It can inhibit your ability to move forward with your life and put the past behind you.

You may have violated your probation without even knowing it, and it’s not fair that you may not have to contend with serious consequences. A probation violation attorney in California could attempt to work out a plea deal with the court if they’re bringing new charges against you or negotiate a way for you to stay with your current probation rules.

If you represent yourself or go with a public defender, you will not have as much of a chance of securing a better future for yourself, unfortunately. You don’t have the experience to represent yourself, and public defenders are notoriously overworked and won’t have the time required to dedicate to your case. A probation violation attorney in California will. They are going to work hard inside and outside of the courtroom and ensure that the best case scenario possible occurs.

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