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New Tactics For An Old War

From misdemeanor drug possession to felony drug sales, police and prosecutors have been using the same playbook for decades. At CBS Law, we use innovative strategies to discredit police operations and save client reputations. We’ve successfully defended hundreds of drug cases by not just challenging unconstitutional police actions but also helping clients receive treatment instead of convictions. With a 93% trial success rate and a vast network of treatment resources, we’re here to help. Call now and together we’ll get your life back.

Innovation Is Our Winning Strategy

We take a multi-faceted approach to drug crimes. Where appropriate, we utilize the latest science on addiction and rehabilitation to persuade prosecutors that treatment programs, not convictions, are best for our clients. Tapping our network of counselors, treatment centers, and addiction specialists, we tailor solutions for clients to help them avoid convictions with lifetime consequences.

Some drug sales cases, however, require a more aggressive approach. Whether the drugs in question are medically prescribed or street procured, we utilize investigators, police experts, and addiction specialists to methodically analyze the prosecution’s evidence. We then use these expert findings to discredit police assumptions about the evidence, undermine allegations, and secure reductions in charges or favorable outcomes for our clients.

“Mr. Bou Saeed was exactly what I needed when I needed it!” – Franco L.

The Constitution Is A Powerful Tool In The Right Hands

Even the most elaborate and organized drug crime investigations can rest on shaky constitutional or statutory grounds. Sometimes in their zeal to collect evidence and make drug arrests, investigators cut corners, rush, and make foolish decisions. From search warrants to wiretaps, law enforcement officers must clear specific legal hurdles before they can conduct special operations to gather particular kinds of evidence. Knowing this, we not only evaluate the evidence against you, but use our legal expertise to throw out evidence illegally collected. Besides weakening the prosecution’s case, these motions give us leverage in negotiations with the government which helps us produce favorable outcomes for our clients.

At CBS Law, we dig deeper than the government to find the truth. We talk to witnesses, review court records, check social media accounts, find surveillance tapes, subpoena documents, and leave no stone unturned on behalf of our clients. Whether it’s having expert witnesses pour over records or investigators uncover hidden details, we have the experience to expose false accusations and produce outcomes for our clients others can’t.  That’s how you get a 93% trial success rate. Call now and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

“When you’re accused of something you didn’t do, the thought of losing everything can be overwhelming. My job isn’t to walk you through the process, my job is to get your life back.”

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